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The Case for Hadiya Pendleton: The government needs more power!

Hadiya Pendleton 300x250 The Case for Hadiya Pendleton: The government needs more power!The Case for Hadiya Pendleton: The government needs more power!

Authored by T. Shelton

Disclaimer: My condolences go out to the Pendleton family. I am not trying to use Hadiya Pendleton’s death to push an Agenda like the Mainstream Media and the President is doing. I am even willing to bet anyone that the Pendleton family does not know that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States and crime is still out of control. I also want the Pendleton family to examine the facts about giving government too much power. I just do not want the law abiding citizens to be punished for the gang problem in Chicago. Share this article with everyone!


The Media: The government needs more power so that the gang shootings in Chicago will stop.

Me: Hell No! Do we ever learn that when a government gets more power that our rights go away?

I honestly do not think so. It is sad to hear what happened to Hadiya Pendleton. A couple of weeks after performing at the inauguration, Hadiya were fatally shot in the back in a park in the Kenwood Area of Chicago. Two other teens were wounded in the incident. According to the Chicago Tribune’s Crime in Chicago,the Kenwood Area is ranked 31st out of the 77 community areas in violent crime. So that part of Chicago is not really that violent. The area looks pretty nice on Bing and Google Maps. I would move to the area because of the home view of Lake Michigan. But, maybe the shooting was gang related just like 80% of shootings in Chicago? You bet the shooting was gang related! The shooter was going after someone else (probably in a gang) in the group. Hadiya was not gang affiliated and she had many things going for her. Matter of fact, Hadiya was anti-gang.

Chicago’s Real Problem: Gangs

In wake of the Hadiya Pendleton tragedy, the politicians and media decided to make this whole event about gun control. On other hand, the Chicago Police Department decided to reassign 200 officers to patrol duty. Honestly, that’s a good start for a city where people cannot defend themselves with a firearm from hoodlums. Chicago citizens have to realize that the police have no legal obligation to protect them. Don’t believe that! Click here to see what happened to a guy that nearly got stabbed to death on a New York City Subway Car recently. A family member once told me “You are the only person that can protect you. Never rely on other people to protect you!” That relative was right on. Why can’t Chicagoans protect themselves with firearms?

It was illegal there until recently. Chicago’s gun ban was first implemented in late 1982 due to gang shootings. The overall murder rate in Chicago has increased since late 1982. I would have thought in a city that now has nearly 100,000 gang members the police would love for Chicagoans to pack heat. I know it would make the jobs of the police less stressful. The nearly 100,000 gang members is a big issue itself. The situation is much worse because Chicago only has 200 gang squad cops to deal with the gangs. The gang squad cops are severely outnumbered. Plus, the Chicago Police Department has been cutting regular cops too. People have called to place National Guard troops within the city of Chicago. In other words, they are calling for martial law. I know many people have not forgotten what happened during martial law in New Orleans. That would probably make the situation worse. So, why is there such a gang problem in Chicago?

A Tale of Two Cities: Rich Chicago and Poor Chicago

In many major cities there are two different parts, a rich and a poor part. I mean one side of Chicago looks like Detroit and the other side looks like Manhattan. In Chicago that could not be more relevant. Russia Today did a great job showing the disparity between Chicagoans in a video posted here. If that is not enough, just look at YoChicago1’s YouTube Englewood (A South Side Neighborhood) Playlist here and then compare it to his River North (A North Side Neighborhood) Playlist here. Most of the shootings happen on the South Side and West Side of Chicago. Is it a mere coincidence that those two sides are the poorest sides of Chicago too?

When people are broke they will do anything to get money. I personally believe many people that are gangs would not be in one if more opportunities were given to them. In an economy where even college students are struggling I would have thought taxes and regulations would be lowered. As usual, that will not happen. The North Side is vibrant, full of businesses and very dense. Most of the South and West Sides looks like an exodus happened. Just like Detroit, the politicians in Chicago has scared away all of the small businesses from operating in certain parts of the city. They mostly did this through high taxes and high regulations. Now the kids do not have a place where they can work and earn some cash. By the time they graduate (I mean if they actually graduate), their job choices are military, college, social security or gang life. If you get anything on your record, you might as well choose gang life. Is it a coincidence that the government (including education) is among the top employers in Chicago?

The Cause: Too Much Government

A person would think with all of these government jobs things would be great. But, they are wrong because the taxpayers have to fork the bill for all of this government. Not to mention Chicago has the most surveillance of any major city. That still has not helped the crime rate. For the first time, I actually can say that Detroit is much safer than Chicago. Meanwhile, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers make over $74,000 a year despite low test scores. I know small business owners that don’t make that much in a year. Instead of cutting cops, we should start at city hall. Most of the Midwestern Cities have this mentality of government and unions first, everybody else second. If you want to open a business in a major city like Chicago or Detroit, you better know how to “sweet talk” really good or give a city council member’s kid a good paying job. These politicians live a way more lavish lifestyle than most Americans.

If you do not believe me, just look at the $1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars spent on the Obama family in 2011. Yes you read that correctly $1.4 Billion. Who in the hell spends 1.4 Billion dollars in a year? What in the hell can you buy that will total up to 1.4 Billion? You can build a skyscraper with that money. I find it funny as hell that the president wants to advocate that he is for the middle class when he spends $1.4 Billion on his family. Malik Shabazz was quoted recently in the Detroit News saying, “The neighborhoods have been neglected by city and state leaders, leaving youths with little structure in their lives other than what is provided by troublesome gangs.” I actually agree a lot with Malik Shabazz on this one. It is everyone for themselves now. Our leaders only care about themselves. I mean the Obama family spent 1.4 Billion dollars on themselves. Still do not believe our leaders only care about themselves! Just check out this article by the Canada Free Press about Chicago politicians here. Also, these politicians and celebrities want to push for gun control but they rarely visit the communities they want to implement it in. They do not know the struggle of most Americans.

These politicians and celebrities have bodyguards to protect them while the average person has to wait on the cops the cities are constantly laying off. As I mentioned earlier, the cops have no legal obligation to protect you. Also, one out of three kids these days live in a single parent household. Household income dropped the past four years. The economy is not producing enough good jobs for everyone anymore. There are over a million public school children that are homeless. The politicians’ first solution is college when they regulated and taxed the businesses out. Oh really, how come over 50% of recently college graduates cannot find jobs or underemployed? Their next solution is more government spending and control. But, that’s the reason why great cities like Detroit and Chicago are declining rapidly now. Not because of the free market capitalism like our politicians would say. Politicians regulated and taxed businesses to death. In the 1950’s those two cities had a higher quality of life than they do now thanks to less spending, taxation and regulation. There was also less government back then too. I mean the American people are not stupid. They are getting wise to the politician lies every single day.

Culture of Failure and Realizing It

There is going to be a point when people had enough lip service from these politicians promising jobs with their harmful policies. This is going to result in a riot. Flashmobs are already making a comeback in Detroit. These kids know that all of their parents’ taxpayer dollars are going into redevelopment schemes that are only fixing up one section of town and not their own neighborhoods. The kids know that the youth unemployment rate is at all time high. The African American unemployment rate is twice the national average. So expect to see more flashmobs towards the summer. Malik Shabazzalso said “Children want attention, want structure, want rules.” He continued with “If they’re not getting those things from society, they will act out. The streets will give what their broken families fail to give.” I agree withShabazz on those points too. Most of these problems are caused by progressive liberalism. Just look at the shows the kids are watching. I mean parents should really watch channels like Teen Nick sometimes. All I see on shows like Degrassi , Dance Academy and Slide is go  wild, have sex with everybody, ignore your parents and go along with peer pressure. The characters on those shows if you notice are constantly stressed and upset. Wasn’t progressive liberalism supposed to make everyone happy? Guess what though? It did not.

The millennial generation is now the most stressed age group in the country. Most of it is from not getting those good jobs they were promised at the end of college. I guess the other reasons come from being hit with adult social issues all of their childhood from school, friendships, television and the Internet. These adult issues range from sex to doing drugs. Kids are not supposed to be thinking about this stuff. They suppose to be having fun and learning. Kids cannot have a good childhood anymore since progressive liberalism took over the culture. No wonder they act and dress like teens when they are adults. The teens dress more like adults these days especially the girls. We honestly should tell our young ladies to dress more modestly and to respect themselves. I mean their mothers are extremely unhappy and unfulfilled because they are single or their relationship is not working out.

If you are a single mom, it is hard as hell to raise a kid on a single income. I witnessed the stress my mother went through raising me by herself. Plus, there are not any fathers in the households anymore too. I am willing to bet you that most of them are in jail or on the streets right now due to drugs and crime. Maybe it is because of the drugs and guns our government ships in to major cities like Chicago? That could not have anything to do with the invasion of Afghanistan since drug production jumped up tenfold. Didn’t this administration get caught running something similar to that with Mexico? You bet they did. It was called Operation Fast and Furious. The operation is really just like it is name. I mean they got caught very fast and everybody is very furious about it being used to take our 2nd Amendment (the right to own firearms) rights.

More government power is about more control!

I mention earlier that government (including education) is the top four employers in Chicago. Why with all the government power in Chicago things are out of control? Government does not produce any real wealth for society. Every time something goes wrong people call for more government power. For example, people are using Hadiya’s death to call for more gun control. I understand because I lost family members due to gun violence. People have to realize that Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the United States and gun crime is still out of control. Last year, Chicago had over 500 murders. Murder has risen overall in Chicago since gun control was implemented in late 1982. Obviously gun control is not a good solution because the law abiding citizens will be disarmed and the criminals will still be armed to terrorize people. No matter how reasonable, gun control does not work. It always disarm the citizens in the end.

Guess who else will still have guns? The government will still have guns. In the new gun control bill Congress and police are exempt from the gun control laws. Please do not say “The government needs to be exempt from gun control laws because people might want to harm them.” For those types of people, are you saying that a politician’s life is way more important than your own life? Also, Politicians should have a right to defend themselves while you have to wait for the police that have no legal obligation to protect you? If you answered yes to any of them questions, you just admitted that you like feudalism. The constitution clearly states that politicians cannot make themselves royal. We really are in a depression. Would you really want to be disarmed during these economic times? I mean take a look who benefits from all of the problems mention above in this article. The government benefits because they get more power and control from the situations they helped create. The real job of government is to make sure everybody is playing fair on the constitutional field. I guess Chris Rock was right about the government being the “Mom and Dad” of the country. At the end of the day that is what government has become since it got all of this power.

Conclusion and Solutions

It is very sad to hear what happened to Hadiya Pendleton. It is a struggle to grow up and get out of these major cities alive. Once kids graduate from high school they do not think about coming back to cities like Chicago or Detroit. Seven out of ten of my friends told me personally that they are not coming back to Detroit after college. As a young minority, I honestly would not blame them. But, the last thing the government needs is from Hadiya’s death is more power. It is mostly the government’s fault why cities like Chicago and Detroit the way they are.

We gave them power to implement gun control in Chicago. The murder rate overall has risen in Chicago since late 1982. A couple of years prior to gun control, Chicago saw a 28% drop in its murder rate. Since the 1990’s the crime rate has dropped dramatically nationwide because of law abiding citizens being armed. We gave them the power to be at the forefront of everything along with the unions. They regulated and taxed the businesses from out of the neighborhoods. Kids now cannot go work at the local small business to make some cash like in the old days. That is why there is two different Chicago’s now. One part of Chicago looks like Manhattan while the other side of the city looks like Detroit. We gave them the power to launch the War of Drugs. Most of the fathers are on the streets or in prison now. Plus, they ship in the drugs and guns to take our rights and put people in prison. Gang activity is at a record high. We gave them the power to push progressive liberalism on everyone. All that has produced is a culture of failure that makes everyone unhappy from kids to adults. The Millennial Generation is now the most stressed generation in the United States. We desperately need to take power away from the government.

Major cities like Detroit and Chicago will comeback once we limit the government’s power. Kids should have the right to a childhood and an education without being indoctrinated into adult social issues. I guarantee our kids will be more responsible and ready for adulthood if that happens. Many small businesses would love to hire these teens to get them work experience and to pay them. But, they cannot hire more people because of the high taxes and regulations on the private sector. If taxes and regulation was lowered these teens would not be in gangs because they would be earning money working at the local small business. In return, the teens would keep most of their money and reinvest it in the local economy. This is what happens when the government does not over regulate or tax the free market and private sector. The people get more prosperity and freedom.

The citizens also need to be armed to protect themselves from criminals. When the law abiding citizens are armed, it creates less stress for the city police because the crime rate lowers. The police have no legal obligation to protect you. A family member once told me“You are the only person that can protect you. Never rely on other people to protect you!” Honestly, I would not want be anywhere in a major city like Chicago unarmed. When citizens are unarmed, only the criminals and the government are armed. Since the criminals are armed, the politicians ask for more power so they can protect you. That ends up in all of us losing our rights. More government power always makes problems worse and our rights are sacrificed because of it. In the spirit of Hadiya Pendleton, we need to take back control of our cities and limit the power of the government.


T. Shelton is a college student who writes about today’s problems from a young minority perspective. He believes that common sense and knowledge will bring prosperity and freedom back to America. If you like his article and would like to contact him, just follow him on twitter. If you mention him or private message him, he does reply back in most cases.
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